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    Odd windows-only problem for T-Bird

    Andrew Oliver Master

      For POP:

      Apparently on windows, if a user's password changes on the server -- the client refuses to ever log in again. On OS X, at least, the user is asked for a new password. Workaround seems to be to change the server name field (for instance I changed it from set.superlinksoftware.com to superlinksoftware.com) and that seems to trigger a "give me the new password" dialog on Windows. Can someone else reproudce this? Anyone have a theory as to WHY this happens on Windows and not OS X (for instance) and/or how to fix it? Happens in both T-Bird 1 and 1.5.

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          Jay Glass Novice

          I havnt seen this, or tested it, but I do have instances, wher, even though the password is set in outlook express, sometimes the user is reprompted for the password, clicking okay, i.e. not changing a damn thing, and it is auth'd again

          and it goes in and out, for instance, i have two users, user A and B

          both are set to require auth

          A checks the POP service, all good, B checks it, and the enter password may or may not POP in outlook, then a minute later, when they are both ckecked again, the user isnt reprompted for password

          It's almost like, every once in awhile, JBoss cant get an instance of whatvere to authenticate the user, so it errors, causing outlook to pop the user name/pass dialogue but then a second/or split second later, another user checks their POP, and it does not happen

          as stated, I have two test users, and it will happen sporadically, for either one, but never seems to do it for both, one after the other

          I also have a prob, that every once in awhile, it states the user is not found, in server logs, but then it seems to find it/clear itself up after a bit

          But the user not being found, could be the postmaster, as user A and the postmaster are one in the same

          it also only appears to happen to same user, I.e. when setting up JBoss MS, i added 4 users, and it always affects the second user, which happens to be the postmaster