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    How to - block all sending Mail servers, but listed/allowed

    Jay Glass Novice

      I know this sounds strange, and I dont recall seing it during the setup, but...

      I would like to be able to block the sending of all emails, to our registered users, unless the sending mail servers @domain is on our list. Is there already an area for this? I had thought I saw it in M4, but now cannot find it.

      Thus user@mysite.com, or several users, can only receive email, if the senders domain name is in the list, such as admin@safeway.com

      Any ideas where to start?

      BTW, Andrew, I finally got the builds to comile with reflection, and all the funky numbering names, thanks, just had to follow the directions, of course, in your build instructions, though at time was having issue as other guy about listmemebers class

      Now to just get it to work with netbeans, netbeans wont let me import the project, as it says it does not conform to sun standards...tempermental piece that it is...