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    Why I broke IMAP and other sob stories

    Andrew Oliver Master

      I'm commiting to head some stuff that now stores multi-part mime bodies seperately. IT also begins to fix the IMAP code to use streams rather than big strings (never meant to be perm this is why IMAP is not considered production ready). So far POP and SMTP are happy, but IMAP is broken. This results in some structural changes to the DB. I'm going to get IMAP "sorta" working by tomorrow. I also need to add code which parses MIME headers (presently they are stored unparsed). From there we'll need to be able to output the BODYSTRUCTURE stuff properly.

      This probably also breaks webmail for all but simple messages. This will be fixed shortly as well. I'm committing it mostly because this is a lot of code to hold locally and I'm hoping some folks may come in and help with some of the IMAP work and that this will help!

      Anyhow be patient or pitch in. I don't expect restoration of IMAP to working order to take long.

      Extra special thanks to Jason Greene(y) "Meany" for his boundary parsing code. I've moved most things over to it.

      Finally, we're pushing the release date back to be slightly AFTER JBossWorld to give us time for QA, polish, etc and to have more time to get the debut press to coincide a bit better. I'd rather come out a bit later with solid well-tested IMAP than something less solid.

      Meanwhile 1.0M5-pre1 has not gone over as well as I'd hoped. There are a few performance problems with large mailboxes and problems with the expunge code and MySQL stuff. As soon as I come up for air I'll put out a pre2 which fixes those things. (most are already in the branch/HEAD for those who are paying attention)