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    Can only find M4 source code

    Ron Jawanda Novice

      First I read the docs.

      I downloaded source jboss-mail
      and I get M4

      I can seem to find JBOSS_CS_1_0_M5 anywhere other than the fisheye web

      Can I use wincvs :pserver to get the source from somewhere.
      Sorry but it is confusing. As I see it jboss-mail went to the above version in may.

      Is it located somewhere else than this

      This is what the docs say for the colab server

      :pserver;username=anonymous;password= ;hostname=anoncvs.forge.jboss.com:/cvsroot/jboss

      I hope someone will reply with something other than read the docs.
      I have done that and got M4

      I don't know what fisheye is and if I can somehow get the source from there. I;m hoping I can still use WinCVS

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          Jay Glass Novice

          this is how i got it

          beginning string was
          module: jboss-mail

          then in tvs tortoise
          i went to revision tab
          i unchecked "use head branch"
          i checked "choose branch or tag"
          i clicked button "update list", i.e. update list of tags concerning jboss-mail
          under the "branch or tag name" dropdown, it now listed just jboss-mail branches

          i made sure "JBOSS_CS_1_0_M5" tag/revision was selected

          then did checkout

          here is the cvs string tortoise cvs used...

          note: this is not the release branch, as M5 hasnt been released
          In E:\jboss-versions\New Folder: "E:\Program Files\TortoiseCVS\cvs.exe" "-q" "checkout" "-r" "JBOSS_CS_1_0_M5" "-P" "jboss-mail"

          i using windows, dont know what your using, but your bound to have issues, if using windows, and you have issues, let me know, might be able to help out, the developers might not be around much this week

          good luck

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            Ron Jawanda Novice

            Nice! I had the revision JBOSS_CS_1_0_M5 in the wrong location. Your comment sparked my mistake. Thanks a million. I got the source now. I'm happy!

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              Ron Jawanda Novice

              Now I have the source do you really point JBOSS_HOME to a version 3.2?
              I read the docs and found

              Lastly, you'll need a recent JBoss 3.2 build mainly for running the tests (mail server per-se doesn't demand a very-recent version). We haven't tested with 4.0 yet, and recommend jboss-3.2.4RC2 or 3.2.4RC1 or later.

              This is to build the JBOSS_CS_1_0_M5 revision
              Is this correct??
              or are the docs wrong.

              Seems sort of stupid.