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    how to bind richfaces component in the seam bean

    Tomislav Tkal?evi? Novice

      Jsp code:

      <r:tabPanel switchType="client" binding="#{binding.tabPanel1}"...

      Bean code:
      public class Binding implements Serializable {
      private HtmlTabPanel tabPanel1 = new HtmlTabPanel();
       Log log;
       private HtmlTabPanel tabPanel1 = new HtmlTabPanel();
       public HtmlTabPanel getTabPanel1() {
       log.debug("GET TAB PANEL1" + tabPanel1);
       return tabPanel1;
       public void setTabPanel1(HtmlTabPanel tabPanel1) {
       log.debug("SET TAB PANEL1" + tabPanel1);
       this.tabPanel1 = tabPanel1;

      Problem is that when i come to the page for the first time its logged in the console "GET TAB PANEL1",but when another submit is made I get an exception:
      javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Target Unreachable, identifier 'binding' resolved to null...

      I'm doing this because I could save state of the tab panel,is there any other way to do this....or simply CAN SEAM COMPONENTS BE USED FOR RICHFACES COMPONENT BINDING?