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    How to setup JBoss and classpath after unzipping the JBoss 3

    chenlongtai Newbie


      "chenlongtai" wrote:
      "chenlongtai" wrote:

      I have downloaded JBoss 3.2.3 and unzip it into the folder that I want.

      I am able to run the run.bat under the bin directory.

      However, I want to run ant builder to execute and deploy my application that consist of java files and builder.xml and some descriptors files.

      Is ant builder included in jboss? How do I set it up?

      And how do I setup the classpath for JBoss and ant builder?


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          berri Newbie


          "berri" wrote:

          Ant isn't part of JBoss, you need download from www.ant.apache.org and install it. To do it, you need unzip apache-ant-1.6.0-bin and add the proper paths.

          You can setup ant adding something like this:

          PATH= ... ;C:\ant\bin

          And where can you modify those environment variables? Go to MyPC --> righ click --> Properties --> Advanced Options --> Environment variables

          well, that's all!