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    problem creating db-table in getting started

    mtraceyz Newbie

      I can'e get the db tables created. I have l;ooked through the previous posts, but can't find one that sheds light on this problem.

      I have run all the ant scripts successfully through assemble-app.
      I have modified the hsql-ds.xml as described.

      However, when I run db-create-table, I get an error:
      SQL Error at line 69: java.sql.EQLException: Integrity constraint violation: SYS_REF_SYS_FK_1_3 table: INVOICE in statement

      I am not sure how to debug this. I looked at the hsql-create-table.sql file to see what was happening at line 69. It is the last statement in the file:
      INSERT INTO next_tx_id
      VALUES (1)

      Any help will be appreciated.