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    Neil Davis Newbie

      To the jboss team...

      I just got through the tutorials and everything works. The last time I did this it took several weeks to figure it all out and write my prototype app. Then our java projects were shelved for 2 years. (back in 2.4.4).

      Now the business is finally sick of all these ridiculous unmaintainable perl scripts. I was charged with coming up with a java prototype application for our company.

      I have to admit I was a little worried when I started building it and so much had changed. 1.5 weeks later I am 3 days ahead of schedule.

      Great job on Eclipse plugin and all the other stuff. It really is becoming possible for normal programmers to do basic JBoss without needing to go to JBoss college. X-Doclet is sick. I am now happily using it with no issues and I think I've got it all figured out.

      You guys rock. I don't care what big blew says about you and your product ; ) It performs well enough under load tests to show that we don't need webpig or not-to-BEA. I am still not impressed with their products when the price is considered.

      I'll be in touch if/when we need to purchase support. Hopefully our architecture group buys off on JBoss.... last obstacle.

      Keep the thick skin going and ignore all the anti-JBoss fanatics that seem to be posting shiite everywhere about you. I can't believe they do this. Not one has given an (important) valid technical reason for dissing. It's all personal attacks and flamebait. That just tells me they are scared.... what a bunch of useless trolls...