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    Roster CMP example: deploytool

    glindstrom Newbie

      I am getting started with JBoss 3.2.3, and have Duke's Bank running on both DefaultDS and our local Oracle server.

      Now I am trying the Roster CMP example, against DefaultDS. It builds and runs (ant -f jboss-build.xml run-cmp) OK.

      Next I would like to try those nifty interaction windows shown in the Sun J2EE tutorial. It says: "run deploytool and open the RosterApp.ear file".

      Am I correct that the deploytool is particular to the Sun J2EE implementation, and is not usable with JBoss?

      If so, what is the JBoss equivalent tool -- or at least, how can I get these interaction windows to open for the Roster app?


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          I'm not sure about the deploytool 'cos I've never used it. You should be able to achieve everything you want by modifying descriptors directly (or using something like xdoclet to generate them) and running your build/deploy cycle with ant. A gui tool is just an irritation that gets in the way of being able to build/deploy with a single command.