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      i have a web page in richfaces and java with a third party object reflected on the page. I have incorporated Javascript Menuing code to try to expose a rich:contextMenu"Right Mouse Context Menu" which would be "On Top" of all other items on the web page.


      When I execute the rightclick, the menu displays nicely, but it is behind the "third party object", afterwards it works fine, above the "third party object".

      javascript function code:

      function contextMenu(evt, target)
       var idPaintarea1 = this.document.getElementById("paintarea1");
       var elem = idPaintarea1.firstChild.lastChild.firstChild;

      jsf code:
      <rich:contextMenu id="contextMenuId" event="oncontextmenu" submitMode="none"
       onexpand="contextMenu(event,this)" >
       <rich:menuItem id="properties" value="Show Property" submitMode="ajax" >
       <a4j:actionparam name="devicePhysName" assignTo="#{ctrl.selectedDevicePhysName}" value="#{item.dataItem.physName}" />
       <rich:menuItem value="Show Connections" />