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    Dukes Bank example issues

    menelin Newbie

      I am a newbie to J2EE, but not J2SE.

      I am on OSX.3.3 and XTools. I have downloaded and started up JBOSS.

      Not sure how much of the JBOSS is in fact bundled with OSX and what is the best way forward and what is needed for the examples and development. Struts.jar does exist in other examples...so am unsure what gives...

      Do I need to faff around with struts? It seems to need so many other things and the installation assumes I know all about J2EE (setting up JDBC, xalan, an xml parser...servelet container...) so wld rather not!

      How much can I do with XTools J2EE templates? Do I still need Ant?

      Note that Ant is new to me too...

      Thanks in advance.