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    Message Centric Web service using Axis and Tomcat engine 4.1

    Puneet Jain Newbie

      i am practically new to web Services.
      suppose i have a wsdl file for a web service, i do not know in whcin langage that web service is written.
      I have just a wsdl file and i want to use document style invoking. I have to write a client. also i have a Boimpl class enclosing several Value Objects.
      kindly tell me
      1. i have to prespare an XML document can i use JDOM for that. and what will be the struvture of the XML file will i have to append the SOAP:ENV tage or it will be appended by the AXIs engine i.e i have t pass just aplane XML docuement.

      Kindly tell me
      Puneet Jain