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    Excuse me: how I can Change the default port  8080 (e.g Chan

    DeShao Yang Newbie

      Excuset me, everytime I start the Jboss server(jboss323), it usually give the exception like :
      java.net.BindException:Address already in use JVM_Bind:8080 , ObjectName:Jboss.mq:service=InvocationLayer, type=HTTP
      I do not know what kind of program is taking up 8080 port, and I do think it may be some important program, so I plan to change the jboss default 8080 port in to some others just like 8088 or 56 or 83 and so on , but I don't know how to and where to, please give me some guides.

      thanks a lot .

      sincerely DaveeYang( DaveeYang@163.com )