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    jboss api documentation

    rams75 Newbie

      can anybody point me to jboss API documentation ? I have been searching for it all day but could not find it so far. I cannot believe if it is not available freely.

      Help will be greatly appreciated.

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          What do you need the JBoss API for, are you doing something non J2EE?

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            rams75 Newbie

            I am trying to write a management application to check the health and performance of the server. So I need to find out the attributes of MBeans for different thread pools, system and such ..

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              rams75 Newbie

              Darran, I would appreciate if you could actually tell me if the documentation is available or not. I have been spending a lot of time finding it out but in vain.

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                jae Master

                the documentation is only available if you pay for it.

                i believe 10 bux gets you a copy, while 100 bux gets you a subscription for a year and you get free updates - but pls double check those numbers as i'm not 100% sure they are accurate.

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                  Darran Lofthouse Master

                  Ok the forum you chose to post in made your question a bit misleading.

                  This forum is to discuss a document that was written for absolute beginners with JBoss. If a complete beginner is asking for JBoss API documentation then they have missed the point of J2EE.

                  To get the javadoc that relates to the JBoss source I think the only way to get that is to download the source and use the build system to create the javadoc.

                  The administrators and developers guide will be very usefull to you as it does describe JBoss JMX and how to access it. I think the information that you require was captured as part of JSR-77 (Hope that is the right number). Have you seen the information that you want in the web console?

                  The best forum for additional questions is probably the JMX forum where there may be more users that have accessed the information you require.