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    javax.servlet.jar missing in 3.2.5?

    Bryan Rank Newbie


      I was trying to get the Duke's Bank App deployed; following the tutorial.

      During the build process I kept getting errors that servlet methods were missing. I looked for the file javax.servlet.jar as listed in the build.properties file in the j2eetutorial directory after unpacking the tutorial src from this site over the tutorial download from SUN, but no joy. So I found a servlet.jar file buried in the dist somewhere (.../tomcat/jbossweb-tomcat41....) and used it. Good news was my complile problem was over; bad news was now I have all kinds of problems getting Bank application to work.

      After thinking about this I realize what a moron I am for thinking I could just change the build.xml file pointed to "some other servlet.jar" and have it work. There are a bunch of methods that it doesn't seem to have in it. No wonder the server's getting a little miffed come run time.

      So... Am I high on crack, or is the javax.servlet.jar just not there?

      Thanks for any input.

      P.S. I did find some things on the web that suggest that the method locations have changed, and now that stuff is in servlet-api.jar. Maybe javax.servlet.jar is not supposed to be there, and I should alter my build.properties