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    Newbie: how do i "run -c myconfig" under windows

    Peter Ryan Newbie

      The getting started manual, section 2.1.2 "Server Configuration" describes copying the default directory and renaming it to myconfig for testing.

      It then says "run -c myconfig".

      It might be a pretty silly question, but I have no idea how to do this under windows (2K and XP).

      Any pointers appreciated.

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          Which bit don't you understand, I assume that you know how to copy and rename a folder using Windows.

          To execute the command 'run -c myconfig' you need to open a command prompt and move the the JBoss bin directory so that you can enter the command.

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            Peter Ryan Newbie

            thanks darranl,

            yes, it was the run command i was stuck with. Combination of my stupidity and the file name 'run.bat' led to confusion.

            Thanks for the quick reply

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              Matthew Robinson Newbie

              Why don't you use a wrapper to start it as a service?

              I use one on my Win2K laptop. Very simple to set up and use, and you can specify command line options like '-c'....

              JAVA Service Wrapper

              Here's my wrapper.conf file if it helps. My JDK is installed in C:\j2sdk1.4.2_04, and I run the 'all' config on my PC:
              -- FILE SECTION START --
              wrapper.app.parameter.2=-c all
              wrapper.ntservice.displayname=JBoss Server
              wrapper.ntservice.description=JBoss J2EE Server
              -- FILE SECTION END --

              Note that you need these files copied into your JBoss bin directory:

              Also note that the file above sets the service to AUTO START.

              Once you have installed the service you can manage it under windows in exactly the same way as any other Windows service!

              Console output from the command is directed to the wrapper.log file in the same directory by default.

              Try it out!

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                Marco Vanoli Newbie

                Using wrapper can you see jboss console as usual with runtime output or as a win service you do not see anythig (use log)?

                off topic:

                is there any way under windows to not use awful shell cmd.exe for navigate in the system by command line?
                I' d like to use a shell unix like that remember old actions,
                tk bye

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                  Matthew Robinson Newbie

                  The wrapper creates a log file (wrapper.log - but I think the name is configurable) which contains the console output.

                  Not sure what the problem is using cmd.exe. The idea of wrapper is that you control the service by means of the windows services applet. There is no need for command history.

                  When you run the wrapper -i command, it doesn't actually run the service - it installs the service into the wndows service manager. Thereafter you control the service in the same way as every other windows service.