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    Downloading JSTL

    sam ucich Newbie

      in chap 3 of the 'Getting Started with JBoss' for 4.0 guide, it mentions that we should download JSTL JAR files from


      ultimately, i end up at;


      which is the download page for everything...there is no mention of JSTL on this page...but there is a link for Taglibs, Library Releases...is this it?

      If it is...there are about 30 different folders to choose from, which ones do we need for the Duke Bank account totorial in chap 3...?

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          Norman Richards Master

          I agree that the jakarta download pages are hopelessly confusing. From that page, go to Taglibs release builds. From there, select the "standard" taglib and download the tar.gz or zip file. I wish we could post a direct link, but the way they do mirror links, the best we can do is get you to that page.