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    Incorrelation with jsp deployer

    Marco Vanoli Newbie

      Reading the jboss getting started in chapter abouto tomcat i read that the bub dir of tomcat under deploy will never be touched, but all deployable thing must be putted in server Deploy dir.
      I tried to put my jsp pages in Deploy but server give error; But if i put jsp pages under tomcat under root.war dir everything is ok and can i see my pages on lochalhost.
      I want to understand if i am doing something wrong because i' m new to jboss and j2ee in general :)


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          Nicolas Proemper Newbie

          Hi Marco,
          I've never worked with Tomcat as intensive as I do with JBoss, so I'm not very familiar with the deployment with Tomcat.
          But for JBoss developments I always pack my developments into a WAR file, place it into the deploy directory of JBoss and it works fine.
          The only thing is, that the JBoss IDE has not a really good support for builing WAR-Files, you have to build them of your own - not like NetBeans, which is very comfortable for JSP and Servlet development.
          You can place JSPs just in the root of an WAR-File, deploy it to your JBoss server and they're executed.