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    JBoss shutdown when exiting HSql database manager.

    Rudy CUGNON Newbie

      I was busy with your tutorial "Getting started" about JBoss 4.0
      Something strange happens : I can start HSql Database manager tool but when I leave this program, the server shutdown...

      I have installed a new JBoss 4.0 from Zip file in another directory, started the server and then tried to start Hsql Database Manager without changing anything at the original configuration files. Again, JBoss shutdown when leaving HSql database manager.

      1) Unzip JBoss in c:\JBoss-4.x.x directory
      2) Starting JBoss by "Run" command (waiting startup completion).
      3) Starting HSql database manager (til now everything is OK).
      4) Leaving HSql database Manager -> JBoss shutdown without reason.

      Do you have an explanation for this?
      Do I have missed something in the guide?
      I'm running with the last version of Sun J2EE SDK 1.4.

      Thanks for your answer.

      Rudy CUGNON