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    where to start

    Scott Taylor Newbie

      I am a Linux and database user and would like to use JBoss. Do you need to become a Java and/or J2EE programmer to really benefit from JBoss?

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          Chris Malan Novice

          Hi Zaaba,

          JBoss is a J2EE application server. Obviously, it can be used for JSP's and servlets without the full J2EE compliment of objects, like EJB's, messaging etc.

          To see it in live action look at the JBoss site, which runs on JBoss. Here is a site I have just put up. It runs on JBoss-3.2.0/Jetty on a commercial host. http://www.cars4us.com.au The database is MySQL. There is also a lot of JavaScript involved, which has nothing to do with JBoss. The only area with content so far is NSW, Newcastle. (New South Wales, Australia. Newcastle - which, not surprisingly, has coal)