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    Cannot connect to datasource

    Chris Malan Novice

      I am working my way through the JBoss4 Getting Started Guide.

      No problem with setting up the database tables and populating them or with connecting (as 200) to the Duke's Bank. However, the console tells me that the getConnection method in the UserBean fails. It happens at the ic.lookup(Whatever.BANK_DATABASE) method call.

      I have noticed that in hsql-db.xml the database is referred to as defaultDS and Whatever.BANK_DATABASE points to ejb/somethingElse.

      Changing defaultDS in hsql-db.xml to ejb/somethingElse does not help.

      What do I have to do that when I log in as 200 my account data in the database is accessable? It does exist. Some critical sentences are missing in the StartUp guide, maybe only one or two here.

      I usually use CMP and MySQL and do not have this problem.

      My post from yesterday on this subject (which was more detailed) went missing. Therefore the vagueness with some names, but you will get my drift.

      Any ideas?



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          mingxue liao Newbie

          I don't understand what is your problem.

          I'm now ok to logon with 200 and password j2ee, to view AccountList, to transfer funds, to use ATM, to logoff from the Duke's bank. All i did is to just follow the JBoss4 Getting Started. There is no any change i made to the source. just follow all steps.

          good luck to you