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    Everything seems up and running, but 404 on http://localhost

    Timo Bernack Newbie


      i've been following the "Getting Started with JBoss 4.0" Tutorial to build to and deploy the Sample "Duke's Bank Application".

      Now everything worked just fine, but http://localhost:8080/bank/main returns

      HTTP Status 404 - /logon2.jsp
      type Status report
      message /logon2.jsp
      description The requested resource (/logon2.jsp) is not available.
      Apache Tomcat/5.0.28

      When i open http://localhost:8080/bank/ (the dir-listing) and then access logon.jsp directly i can logon to the bank-application (using the 200/j2ee - account) and browse the account list etc. So database-stuff seems to be ok, jsp-compiling and -processing seems to work and i get no exception or error-report at all.

      I'm using WindowsXP with JDK1.4.2_06 with jboss-4.0.0.zip, j2ee-1_4-doc-tutorial_2.zip and startguide40.zip and i'm quite sure that i've followed the tutorial's steps correctly.

      Any suggestions?