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    Loggon Customer id not valid(200) in Dukes Example.Please he

    Akila Subramanian Newbie

      I am running JBOSS 4.0 version.I did everything as mentioned in the document.I intially used the zip file that comes with the startguide in JBOSS website.That did not complie at all.Then i downloaded from sun's website j2ee1.4 update 2.I got the build working.But when i go to the page main to log in,with id 200 and password j2ee it says invalid user.I can see my database connected by using JMX console.I tried adding application policy..all sorts of thing,even adding a user 200 and password j2ee in the JMS_USERS but did not work.

      Can some body help me please.I am so struck in the step 1.