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    use an EJB as client of a web service

    Mario Buchmayr Newbie

      hi folks, I've got the following problem: I want to use an EJB as client of a web service.

      what I did up to now:

      # installed jboss 4 and axis 1.1 and configured axis to work with jboss,
      checked the configuration (http://localhost:8080/axis/) and it worked

      # used axis to create a simple hello world web service and wrote a simple
      java client to check whether the web service works properly

      # implemented a hello world stateless session bean and implemented
      a java client that uses the bean

      and now it's getting difficult, I changed the session bean implementation so that the bean acts as web service client. the stuff should work as figured below:

      java client <--- RPC/IIOP ---> EJB <--- SOAP/Http ---> web service

      (a java client calls the EJB which calls the web service and returns the result from the web service call back to the java client)

      when I try to call the method of the ebj, the jboss server throws the following exeption:

      org.apache.ConfigurationException: No engine configuration file found - aborting! .... (and a really long stack trace)

      so, what to do now?

      - thanks for your answers -