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    JNDI Lookup for standalone client

    David Connell Newbie

      Ok, I've spent 3 hours in the doc, google and here trying to figure out what I've done wrong here and I really need some help....

      I'm trying to write a standalone client that accesses a SessionBean in JBoss 4.0.1. I'm hitting it fine from embedded Tomcat but can't seem to get the incantation right from the standalone client. I'm using the 'Getting Started' guide from docs.jboss.org but I'm just missing some connection somewhere....

      I've written the following config components:

      - jndi.properties -


      - jboss-client.xml -


      - application-client.xml -

      - jboss.xml (frag) -





      I've compiled everything and deployed everything and I keep getting:

      --> javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: daily-cycle not bound

      Can someone please tell me what's missing (or misplaced) here?