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    Error with Java when I deploy jboss.3.0.8.

    Otto Matute Newbie

      Hi, I am novice installing JBoss, I have a problem trying to test install in JBoss.3.0.8 version compatible with centraview CRM software, when I write sh run.sh in the command line the message is next:

      run.sh: Missing file: /lib/tools.jar
      run.sh: Unexpected results may occur. Make sure JAVA_HOME points to a JDK and not a JRE.

      JBoss Bootstrap Environment

      JBOSS_HOME: /usr/local/jboss-3.0.8

      JAVA: java

      JAVA_OPTS: -Dprogram.name=run.sh

      CLASSPATH: /usr/local/jboss-3.0.8/bin/run.jar:/lib/tools.jar


      run.sh: line 147: exec: java: not found

      I 'm trying to set up JBoss - In /usr/local/jboss-3.0.8, I have the line:


      I 've verified that /usr/java/j2sdk1.4.2 is right, and that lib/tools.jar exists

      What can I do?, anybody who can help me with my problem please. Graceful.