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    Separate Log4j configs

    Craig Lenzen Newbie

      I'm currently migrating from Oracle app server to jboss 4.0.1 sp1.

      Everything has been successful so far expect for log4j.

      My application has it's own log4j xml config file that is logging to various application specific log files, however, since switching to jboss all categories are being logged to the jboss console.

      Does anyone have any adivce to have multiple log4j configs?

      Not sure if this make a different but my application is deployed as an EAR containing a war and multiple ejb jars.

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          Ji-sung Park Newbie

          I'm having the same problem.

          Since moving to JBoss only system messages and logs from libraries residing in the jboss classpath are recorded. Maybe I typed sth wrong in the log4j.xml, but it's as simple as an Appender plus a Category tag

          <appender-ref ref="ADUCAT"/>

          My aducatLog.log is alwasy 0kb, no matter how many log.info, debug...whatever I put in the source files.

          Could somebody instruct us the way to make JBoss logging "COEXIST" with logging from apps residing in it?