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    jboss.bind.address where do I set it ?  running JBOSS as non

    Darryl Miles Novice

      My development box already has jakarta-tomcat (hooked up to apache, running standalone tomcat) I've managed to configure this to bind itself to one of the boxes aliased IPs and run as a non-root user to mimic how I expect a production environment to be running.


      Now trying to get JBOSS to do ths same thing, I can see the "jboss.bind.address" property in just the right place all over the configuration files but seem unable to set it, nor find where jboss keeps its default (current) value hidden.

      I have tried adding -Djboss.bind.address=<aa.bb.cc.dd> to my $JAVA_OPTS and can confirm its there in the "ps uax" listing. But nothing at all gets bound to that IP address and the log entry will says

      Can I create a $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/conf/jboss.system.properties or something ?


      I have not found any concrete reference to running JBOSS as a non-root user, I've tried setting $JBOSS_USER. Is there any simple configuration that allows me as 'root' to boot up JBOSS and have it do anything it wants to do as root (like bind to privileged port numbers) and then drop those privileges and run as a non-root user id ?

      Otherwise is there any reason:

      su jboss "/opt/my_jboss/bin/my_startup_script.sh" &

      will have problems ?

      What files does jboss/JVM directly try and access ?
      Will 'chown jboss:jboss -R $JBOSS+HOME" get me most of the way there ?