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    2 jboss instances clustered using same server

    Alessandro Behling Newbie


      I need to set up an environment which needs to attend a live clustered JBoss (tha is already running) and live and another one completely different that we are going to use as staging, but even for staging, it needs to be clustered
      (customer requirements).

      I've copied the 'all' folder into a new one, and changed some properties accordingly the 'JBoss Clustering' doc I've got from the docs section here in the JBoss web site. The settings I've changed are related with the partition name, because I want to get my 'staging' environment in a different partition than 'DefaultPartition' defined in the original conf files

      So far, I've got only the live one working fine, and it was quite easy to setup. My problem started when I tried to configure the second one, I'm getting conflicts between the JNDI ports. It says that that port is already being used.

      I've done many different tests, but none of them worked, and at the moment I'm clueless.

      I'd really appreciate any help, if someone has gone through this before.

      Thank you