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    AndroMDA code generation documentation

    Wouter Zoons Newbie


      I noticed the documentation for the JBoss 4.x application server contains a section about XDoclet on chapter 7, I would like to bring to attention that the AndroMDA framework is able to relieve much of the work of writing deployment descriptors and entities/POJOs, allowing J2EE developers not to lose time on tedious jobs .. to a much larger extent than XDoclet

      AndroMDA is an open-source MDA framework which allows to generate code from a UML model through a PIM->PSM->code pipeline

      we have cartridges for Spring, EJB, Hibernate, jBpm, etc.. it has been succesfully used on several projects now in production and proves an efficiency improvement of about 300% (experienced users even more)

      I thought it might be interesting for JBoss users to be able to find this project from the JBoss documentation in Chapter 7

      can you let me know ?