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    Very Very Beginers question -tutorial setup


      I know this is probably something ridiculously easy, and so I?m embarrassed to even be asking, but I?m kind of stuck!

      I?ve been reading over the JBoss tutorial (the one that uses the Dukes Bank demo) and have got up to chapter 4 where it states:

      The file is packaged as a ZIP archive called jbossj2ee-src.zip. Download this and unpack it into the j2eetutorial14 directory, adding to the existing tutorial files. All the Duke?s Bank code is in a the examples subdirectory.

      The problem is that when I expand the src file into the j2eetutorial14 directory I get warnings that the examples directory and others already exist, and do I want to overwrite the directory?!? What should I be doing here?

      Many thanks.