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    JBoss at Work : A Practical Guide (Paperback) Tom Marrs, Sco

    Jason Brown Newbie

      Does anyone have any idea as to the content of this upcoming book? Is it designed for the beginner - a bit like The Developers Notebook from O'Reilly - How does it's content compare to that one (a good one in my opinion).

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          Norman Richards Master

          JBoss at Work is more of a book explaining J2EE application development in the context of JBoss. I consider the JBoss notebook to be more a book about deploying applications on JBoss. The difference is subtle. The notebook isn't about the todo application. That is just the backdrop for explaining how to get JBoss running with an application. On the other hand, Tom and Scott's book is really focussed on the process of developing an application.

          If you have limited J2EE exposure, JBoss at Work is going to be a more insightful book. If you are a J2EE veteran and want to know the ins and outs of doing apps in JBoss, I think the notebook would provide more value. But, both books are very good, so I recommend you take a look at them in the book store.

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            Jason Brown Newbie

            Just finished reading the JBoss Developer's Notebook - well worthy of a read, very common tasks explained to the point. If you've got the basics of j2ee, then this shows exactly how to serve it up on JBoss - and I'm staggered to say - stuff works largely out of the box, deployment could not be more simple.

            Congratulations on a great book. Are there any plans to add to this - other areas of interest owuld be clustering, jms messaging, web-services on JBoss ?

            I'll give you my credit-card number now :-))

            Is there a version of the Tom Marrs book that can be downloaded (non-printable pdf for example ?) for review - it doesn't seem to be published yet.

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              Norman Richards Master

              You should see a second edition of the book by Java ONE. It will have EJB3 instead of J2EE in the background. Because we can't expect people to be EJB3 gurus already, we'll do a little more teaching and app development than we have now. We are likely to add in JMS and clustering talk, but I have no plans to even acknowledge the existence of web services. The book would double in size. :)

              The Marrs/Davis book is not yet out. I was a reviewed the book a couple months back.