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    Web Service with VB6

    don rosengartner Newbie

      I also posted this on gotdot.net, where the utility (below) can be downloaded.

      I am up and running with JBoss 4.0.1 and have the example apps working thru the browser and also the (Ant target) run-ws client interface is operable. I need to know what type of request would be built by VB to invoke this WS. So I started with a free utility WS Studio, and giving it an endpoint, it retrieves the WS details including the methods available from the service. All is well, except I do not see the methods, and therefore, cannot invoke. WS Studio gets me "almost there" and I should be able to see the entire request/response generated by this client. Has anyone else attempted this with WS Studio?


      Also, if anyone has info on a how-to regarding VB and WebServices, that would also be greatly helpful and appreciated.