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    Missing jboss-build.xml for simplemessage (not in j2eetutori

    Joanne Beausoleil Newbie


      I have gotten to chapter 6 in the jboss tutorial. I had a lot of problems with previous chapters but was able to google my way forward and keep moving.

      Now I am stuck at Chapter 6 without a jboss-build.xml file for SimpleMessage. This build file does not exist in the j2eetutorial14 or any of the older versions. I have not been able to find a post on the web from anyone who has a solution. I am currently in the process of writing my own build file through trial and error, which isn't a good use of my limited time.

      Seems that the only JBoss build file that was supplied was for the bank example.

      Does anyone know whats up with this and where I can get the build files for the rest of the JBoss tutorial chapters - getting started with JBoss 4.0 to be exact?

      Thanks in advance