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    Which version of the J2EE tutorial and where to find it?

    Philip Alb Newbie

      I'm trying to run the Duke's bank application of Sun's J2EE Tutorial as described in the getting-started guide.
      Can anybody tell which version of the tutorial is working with Jboss' aditional example source files?
      I read somewhere in this forum that Sun has changed a lot in the tutorial's code and that I have to take the right
      version of the tutorial.
      However at Sun's download site there are no old versions for the tutorial.

      I tried following combination:
      J2EE Tutorial for Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 2005Q2 UR2
      boss Server 4.0.0RC1

      Or are there any other versions of the Jboss example files? At this site I couldn't find any files at all. I used a direct link that was posted in this forum.

      I hope somebody can help me, so I can start with learning Jboss and J2EE instead of reading the server's error logfile.
      Thanks in advance,
      best regards,

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          M Brady Newbie

          I am using JBoss 4.0.3sp1. When I searched Sun, I found the 1.3 Dukes Bank, no others. It is not the right one - will not even compile. Follow this link, from Section 3 of the JBoss Getting Started Guide:


          I have been off to the races with it.

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            Philip Alb Newbie

            your link


            leads to the same location I have downloaded the version, that is not working. However there are 3 possible downloads. I tried the topmost one (Platform Edition 8.1 2005Q2 UR2) and can say that it is not working.
            I found at least some reasons:
            They have changed the classes. For example the ejb remote and home interfaces "Customer" and "CustomerHome" have been replaced with
            "LocalCustomer" and "LocalCustomerHome". The JBoss deployment descriptors however are referring to the old names. I tried to change the names in the descriptor, but this solves only some problems. The "CustomerBeanClass" is made abstract which leads to smth. like a spec violation error when deploying the ear.

            I will download the other Tutorial version with your link, just to see if they are working.
            Anyway, I accidently found a workaround for the problem. I bought a used book at ebay: The J2EE Tutorial Book Second Edition. I couldn't believe it, but on the cd there was the right version of the bank example (with the old class names) and it is working, at least for now:-)

            Can you tell me, why they made the new Bean class abstract? I'm just beginning with ejb's, but this seems to be a bit strange.