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    starting a new project.

    Farooq Mustafa Newbie

      I am new to JBossIDE setup. I have setup a simple web project and was able to run it. I am having the hardest time firguring out how to setup the workspace where once the server is started, code can be changed without re-packaging / re-deploying ? Is there a way to setup the workspace in the server/default/deploy directory , so that changes to the .jsp and .java are instantly picked up without having to running the packaging / deploying the war file ?

      I used the example in http://www.laliluna.de, and keep on getting "No action instance for path /bookEdit could be created" which tells me there is something wrong with my project structure. This is the partial stack strace : Error creating form bean of class src.de.laliluna.tutorial.library.struts.form.BookEditForm
      java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: src.de.laliluna.tutorial.library.struts.form.BookEditFor

      Any ideas ?

      Is there a simple struts project that I can get, which I start working with ?