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    problems with deploying an ejb ear.

    rahul sood Newbie

      I have an xxx.ear in my deploy directory. Majority of the jars in this ear are ejb implementations. i needed to make a very small change to one of the beans in a jar. I imported the package of the file into my eclipse IDE, opened the file and changed an error message. Thats all I did, did not touch any other file. I made a new jar of this. After that opened my xxx.ear in the winzip and replaced the said the new xxx.jar with the one that was already present.

      I then deployed the ear, into my deploy folder. Before I did this I made a copy of the old ear. I had already stopped the server. After adding the ear to the deploy folder I started the server and started getting an ejb-link error for the said ejb bean. could anyone please tell me what I did wrong because all I did was change a text in this file and did not touch any other file. If I replace this ear with the old one it works fine, but the one that I mad does not work.