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    Deploying portlets

    maciej lasota Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am trying to use jbossAS +portal + kosmos, and am having some issues,

      I am trying to figure out how to correctly deploy the kosmos portlet, I have unziupped the .war directory into the deploy directory. There seem to be no problems. I cannot fugure out how to actually place the portlet on a web page! I knwo this is propably dead simple but I'm a sysadmin not a web developer, and have 0 java experiance.

      This is what I see when I look at instances of the kosmos portlet:

      LocalCcMonitoringPortlet Stopped -
      JBossProductsSfMonitoringPortlet Stopped -
      JBossSvnMonitoringPortlet Stopped -
      KosmosDependenciesSfMonitoringPortlet Stopped -
      KosmosToolsSfMonitoringPortlet Stopped -
      JBossJiraMonitoringPortlet Stopped -
      Web application id : samples/portal-samples
      Name State Description

      ExceptionPortlet Started -
      PortletB Started -
      ContentRewritePortlet Started -
      CachedCounterPortlet Started -
      CharsetPortlet Started -
      Portlet Test Started C'est une portlet de test
      ThemeSelectorPortlet Started -
      WsrpSelectorTestPortlet Started -
      HintPortlet Started -
      SecuredTestPortlet Started -
      CounterPortlet Started -
      PortletA Started -
      HeaderContentPortlet Started -
      PortletSessionPortlet Started -
      PreferencesPortlet Started -
      Web application id : portal/portal-core
      Name State Description
      ThemeManager Started -
      UserPortlet Started -
      ManagementPortlet Started -
      RolePortlet Started -
      PolicyConfiguratorPortlet Started -
      CMSAdminPortlet Started -
      CatalogPortlet Started -
      CMSPortlet Started -
      ThemeSelectorPortlet Started -
      NavigationPortlet Started -
      Web application id : helloworld/helloworldportlet
      Name State Description
      HelloWorldPortlet Stopped -

      As you can see kosmos seems to be stopped, how do I start it,?

      Any help or links on how to do this would be gratly appreciated. (Yes I have looked at the Jboss user guide:)

      Thanks & Regards