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    more simple jsp web app deployment needed

    brad defnall Newbie

      I have many ejb3 web services deployed on my jboss server, but now i need a *very* simple jsp app. 6 pages with a controller servlet. the controller servlet is what's not working here. now, i would LOVE to see an example of a very simple jsp app with one controller servlet or something to that effect. i'd love to see how to deploy it without jboss thinking it's a web service. i'd love to see example web.xml files (the example on the tomcat site doesn't work). this is an app that was running on tomcat 4.1.x that needs to run in jboss. i know i'll have to make at least a new web.xml file, but shouldn't the file structure be the same?

      do tutorials exist anywhere that AREN'T gigantic ejb apps with all sorts of hibernate code on the backend? i need a much more basic setup than the j2ee tutorial from sun. can anyone help me?