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    jboss deployment order

    j j Newbie


      I´m trying to deploy 2 war files: HelloWorldPortal.war (from the tutorial) and a.war (which is a portlet inside de HelloPortal).

      The problem is that when I start JBoss Server, the order of deployment is first a.war and secodn HelloWorldPortal.war. The consecuence of this is that the portlet isnt visible on the portal because when the portlet is deployed the portal isnt (or I thimk so).

      My question is: how can i do to indicate JBoss Server the order of deployment I want ( first HelloPortal.war and second a.war)????

      I have tried to create a jboss.web.xml inside a.war with something like this:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
      - <jboss-web>

      but it doesn´t seems to work.

      Thanks for the help!!!