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    how to do web-design with rich faces

    Ruediger xxx Newbie


      i would like to know what commonly used methods for web designing with rich faces are.

      i found for my project that skins are not usable because i can't stick to the style-guide of the client with them.

      i also have problems using css because i can't find all the right styles for components. i use the rich:toolbar for example and i am having a hard time to set the different colors (background color, selected-color, hovering-color etc.)

      please tell me what works for you in your projects.

      thanks a lot,

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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          in 3.2, we want to add the set of css classes that you can apply on your component and/or any other html elements.

          Just for now, you can take the URL to css from browser source code if set the load style sheet strategy to ALL. Save the content of this file to a static file and reuse for design purpose. It will be one file that contains all styles for selected skin.