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    Bank example build error

    Jason Hsu Newbie

      I got the sample, http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=downloads&op=download&downloadId=60 and unzip jbossj2ee-src.zip then tried follow the step 4.1.2 in the Getting Started Guild to compile the source of ebank:

      ant -f jboss-build.xml compile

      I got the following errors:(only part of the errors are listed as the following)

      [javac] Compiling 5 source files to C:\Buff\jbossj2ee-sample\examples\bank\b
      [javac] C:\Buff\jbossj2ee-sample\examples\bank\src\com\jboss\ebank\TellerBea
      n.java:16: package com.sun.ebank.ejb.account does not exist
      [javac] import com.sun.ebank.ejb.account.AccountController;
      [javac] ^
      [javac] C:\Buff\jbossj2ee-sample\examples\bank\src\com\jboss\ebank\TellerBea
      n.java:17: package com.sun.ebank.ejb.account does not exist
      [javac] import com.sun.ebank.ejb.account.AccountControllerHome;
      [javac] ^
      [javac] C:\Buff\jbossj2ee-sample\examples\bank\src\com\jboss\ebank\TellerBea
      n.java:18: package com.sun.ebank.util does not exist
      [javac] import com.sun.ebank.util.AccountDetails;
      [javac] ^
      [javac] C:\Buff\jbossj2ee-sample\examples\bank\src\com\jboss\ebank\TellerBea
      n.java:26: cannot find symbol
      [javac] symbol : class AccountController
      [javac] location: class com.jboss.ebank.TellerBean
      [javac] private AccountController getController()
      [javac] ^
      [javac] C:\Buff\jbossj2ee-sample\examples\bank\src\com\jboss\ebank\web\Custo
      merHackFilter.java:5: package com.sun.ebank.util does not exist
      [javac] import com.sun.ebank.util.Debug;
      [javac] ^

      Then I browse to the directory of bank\src. I found that there are only five .java files at

      I don't see the package of com.sun.ebank.ejb.account or com.sun.ebank.util as the complie error shows.

      Did I miss something? or where I can get the sample with all files?