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    Eclipse plugin tutorial (please update it!)

    Henno Vermeulen Newbie

      I'm a part-time Java developer with some years of J2SE experience, but I am new to J2EE/EJB. So I downloaded JBoss (first the latest version, but then I discovered 4.0.5.GA with windows installer) and installed the JBoss plugin in my Eclipse 3.3.

      1. It turns out the plugin doesn't work at the "project properties - XDoclet" part of the tutorial. This was not clear from the tutorial, but almighty google says that other people are having the same problem.

      So I downloaded the bundle of Eclipse 3.2.1 and JBosside 2.0.0.beta.
      2. The tutorial says you cannot place a jar inside the war if you have JBoss over 4.0, but FAILS to mention how to continue the tutorial without doing so (i.e. how to deploy the project)
      3. When you want to debug... there are no launch configurations for JBoss Server like in the tutorial image. Almighty google led me to a bug report of over a YEAR ago that gave me the advice to Show view, other, Server, JBoss server view, right click, new Server and voila this worked...
      4. a) In chapter 11, Deployment, it says go to Preferences -> JBoss Ide -> Deployer. The image shown is quite different than my preferences dialog. Mine contains JBossServers, JBossWS, XDoclets under "JBoss Eclipse IDE".
      4. b) Right clicking the EAR file (which I DID stubbornly make) gives no option to deploy.

      All this isn't very encouraging towards new users.

      How do I continue from here? Should I download the older version of JBoss and the older eclipse plugin, and use this for completing the tutorial?
      But then what if I decide J2EE/JBoss is right for me and I wish to upgrade to the newest version?
      Or should I just keep this version and search for other tutorials/documentation?

      Any help is appreciated.

      P.S. I do suggest for someone to update the eclipse plugin tutorial to
      - mention the Eclipse 3.3 incompatability
      - show how to use with the 2.0.0beta plugin or discourage you to use it
      - tell how to deploy with JBoss 4.0 or discourage you to use it...