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    The Wiki page for configuring Oracle is misleading

    Stephen Davidson Newbie


      I tried posting this in the Getting Started Documentation section, but that did
      not really seem to work (was ignored).

      The Wiki page for configuring Oracle is, to put it mildly, misleading. The way
      it is laid out, it implies that local-tx datasources are what should be used for
      Oracle Databases. This might have been correct for Oracle 8 and before, but is
      definitely not the case for Oracle 10 & later.

      The page I am concerned about is;

      Proposed correction attached. I can upload if you would like, or post a
      revision (or if somebody wants to update, go ahead).

      The major change was to add a few statements just before the sample Datasource
      files, and to switch the order the Datasource Examples are given in the
      document. This should help cut down on the number of Transaction Manager
      complaints as well, I would think. (Would have eliminated them from me, anyways).

      Can't seem to attach files here, so put my suggested fix up on my webserver. Link is http://j2eeguys.com/~steve/JBoss/SetUpAOracleDatasource.html.