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    4.2 Getting Started Guide chapter 4 Sample JSF-EJB3 Applicat

    marty walters Newbie

      4.1 Building The Application 2nd paragraph 3rd sentence.
      This is our Ant build script for compiling and
      packaging the archives. To build the application, you need to first of all edit the
      build.xml file and edit the value of jboss-dist to reflect the location where
      the JBoss Application Server is installed.
      the problem is the build.xml file provided with the sample doesn't have a
      value "jboss-dist" and it's not clear where you need to make the changes
      for my install. I was reading the script and it reference files that don't exist.
      Can I get the changes need to provide the build.xml with the right parameters for the non-existing jboss-dist value?