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    Using JBOSS

    Carlos Obregon Newbie

      I'm a little lost in how I use JBOSS

      It is installed and it runs ( localhost:8080 works fine )

      But I'm not sure how I am suppossed to use it as a web server, what is its root directory? Also I'm confused as to what's the relationship with Tomcat: It needs a Tomcat installed or it comes with the JBoss installation ( I download the file jboss-4.2.2.GA.zip )


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          Peter Johnson Master

          You can deploy applications (packaged as, for example, EAR or WAR files) by copying them to the server/default/deploy directory.

          Look at the free chapter for JBoss In Action at http://www.manning.com/jamae. It will get you started with a simple hello world app. And it explains basic operations and the directory structure. One warning, though: JBoss In Action is targeted at JBossAS 5.0 so the directory structure is slightly different.