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    How to develop JBPM project with Eclipse, Netbeans, and Tomc

    Liudi Wang Newbie

      Hi there,

      I m very new to JBPM, this might be a silly question, but forgive if it really is, i need your help!

      I m trying to introduce JBPM into my project, which is a big J2EE project, which used to be developed in Eclipse, Netbeans, and deployed on Tomcat6.x. The usual development method i use is developing most of the Data access and functional parts using Eclipse, and make a JAR. The JAR can be used as a library in Netbeans, which is only used to develop the user interface, so that i can invoke the functions and data access methods very easily when i need to.

      I saw that some people said that JBPM is no more than a Framework, just like Hibernate. Based on that, i assume that i could do what i used to do to JBPM, is that right?

      I tried a couple of times, installed the JBPM GUI designer and environment for Eclipse, and developed a very simple project with successful tests. Then i made a Fat JAR with all the JBPM libraries included, and import it in the Netbeans. But i have a problem, none of the functions can be called, it appears 'ClassDefNotFound' exception.

      I spent whole day, and really frustrated now -_-

      Please help me, i'll be looking forward to your reply!!!!!

      Thanks for your help!!!!