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Plenty of free...

Rohit Kumbhar Newbie

Two questions:
1. Is the advanced documentation a physical book, or online docs?
2. Are they worthwhile?

I have been fiddling about with JBoss for a little while now, with no real access to any documentation, or any half decent tutorials (Please someone show me a decent CMP or BMP tutorial - a working moderatley complex tutorial would be a good thing, similar to the excellent J2ee Tutorial at Sun (HINT JBOSS PEOPLE!).

I'm sick of trying to figure this stuff out like a blind man doing a jigsaw puzzle. I get the feeling there must be many people feeling the same way out there. I wonder how many of those 100,000 weekly JBoss downloads are soon scrapped out of sheer frustration. Oh, and the free "getting Started" guide just plain sux. I refuse to read it. I'm sorry if that sounds plain ungrateful, but I believe in order to present complex technical information, the grammar and language must be of high standard, and it is far from that.

Your comments will be warmly regarded.