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    Loading a resource as stream

    vtecinc Newbie

      I have the following snippet of code running successfully in a J2EE 1.2 level (servlet 2.2/JSP 1.1).

      javax.xml.transform.Source xslSource = new javax.xml.transform.stream

      The servlet resides in a different package but the same .war file as the xsl document.

      When I ported my code to JBoss same code returns a NullPointerException. It seems that it can't find the xsl document. First I tried placing the xsl document in the same package as the calling servlet - this didn't make a difference.

      The following code does work:
      javax.xml.transform.Source xslSource = new javax.xml.transform.stream
      .StreamSource(new File("c:\\XSLDir\\SearchResults.xsl"));

      I don't wish to work with a reference to the underlying file system in my web app.

      I'm extremely perplexed about the change in the J2EE classloading mechanism. Can anybody clarify how this works so I can massage my code to find the needed xsl?

      Many thanks.