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    Example code: HiveMind

    Howard Lewis Ship Newbie

      I've been having some great success using Javassist and, since my project is open-source, I thought I'd share.

      HiveMind (http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/sandbox/hivemind) is a services and configuration microkernel. It's another in the breed of light-weight containers that are all the rage right now ... with a bunch of unique ideas of its own.

      A key aspect of HiveMind is services; POJOs that implement a service. On top of this are interceptors, dynamically generated classes (using Javassist) that wrap the POJO with new features (logging, performance monitoring, etc.)

      Check out ServiceInterceptorFactoryinterface, and its implementations.

      I hit one or two little gotchas getting this far, but they're all documented in code. Code that people just might want to see ...